Alternative Cold War History 1994

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CV-62 Independence

CVBG Independence (CV-62)

USS Independence, or ‘Indy’ was commissioned in 1959 as the last of the four Forrestal class carriers, she completed a 3-year Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) in June of 1988 which prepared her for another 15 years of sailing. In 1991 the Independence replaced CV-43 Midway as the US Navies forward deployed carrier in Yokosuka Japan. When war breaks out she is conducting a routine patrol with a reduced escort in the Sea of Japan, she will survive but the same cannot be said for some of her escort.

USS Independence CVBG

  • CV-62 Independence (FLAG)

    • CVW 5

      • VF-21 Free Lancers F-14A

      • VF-154 Black Knights F-14A

      • VFA-192 Golden Dragons F/A-18C (N)

      • VFA-195 Dam Busters F/A-18C (N)

      • VA-115 Eagles A-6E SWIP

      • VAQ-136 Gauntlets EA-6B

      • VAW-115 Liberty Bells E-2C

      • VS-21 Redtails S-3B

      • HS-12 Wyverns SH-3H

      • VQ-5(El) Sea Shadows ES-3A

    • CG-16 Leahy

    • CG-52 Bunker Hill (in port at war start)

    • CGN-36 California

    • DD-975 O'Brien

    • DDG-994 Callaghan (in port at war start)

    • FFG-48 Vandegrift