Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Soviet Navy Destroyers

The Soviet navy has a large fleet of destroyers, three of the four classes fit the Soviet classification of Large Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) ships ('bolshoy protivolodochny korabl' or BPK) while the Sovremennys are classified as a true Destroyer because of its anti-ship role (Squadron Mine Vessel ‘Eskadrenny Minonosets’ EM). By most standards however they are classed as Destroyers based on their size, role and weapon suite. All classes are well rounded ocean going ships with the capacity to lead small task groups or form part of an escort for a carrier or battle cruiser. All have an ASW capability but the Udaloy is the master of this domain, while all have some form of anti surface capability, even if simply guns, but the Sovremenny is the best for this task. All have some form of air defence missile capability but the two older classes are very vulnerable due to the age and technology of their defensive systems. In total there are 60 Destroyers in the fleet, and 38 of them are very modern and potent units.

Sovremenny Class

This is a modern, highly capable destroyer which focuses on the anti-ship and anti-air defences of a task group while augmenting the Udaloy class ships in the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) role. The key weapons for anti-ship strikes are the eight SS-N-22 Sunburn (P-80 Zubr) hypersonic SSM (Surface to Surface Missile), with a range of 60 nautical miles (130Km) and a 660lb (300Kg) warhead traveling at Mach 2.5. The later ships of this class (hull # 15 and onward) use the SSN-N-22M (P-270 Moskit) which increases the range to 130 nautical miles (240Km). Air defence is achieved by three layered systems; primarily the SA-N-7 Gadfly Surface to Air Missile (SAM) (48 missiles), two twin turret 130mm dual purpose guns, and finally by four Close in Weapons System (CIWS) 30mm Gatling guns. ASW is a secondary role of these ships and is accomplished with hull mounted sonar, a Ka-27 helicopter and a mix of ASW rocket launchers and torpedoes. All 23 of these ships are in service by the start of Northern Fury, although this is a more aggressive schedule than existed, there are four more building of a planned 32 ships.

Class Pennant Name Status Remarks
Sovremennyy 618 Sovremennyy Northern Fleet
417 Otchayannyy Northern Fleet
705 Otlichnyy Black Sea Fleet
676 Osmotritelnyy Baltic Fleet
455 Bezuprechnyy Black Sea Fleet
796 Boyevoy Pacific Fleet
719 Stoikyy Black Sea Fleet
424 Okrylennyy Black Sea Fleet
671 Burnyy Northern Fleet
439 Gremyashchiy Pacific Fleet
770 Bystryy Northern Fleet
420 Rastoropnyy Northern Fleet
672 Bezboyaznennyy Baltic Fleet
435 Bezuderzhannyy Northern Fleet
Sovremennyy Mod 620 Bespokoynyy Pacific Fleet
610 Nastoychivy Pacific Fleet
694 Besstrashnyy Northern Fleet In Service 8/1992
715 Vnushitelnyy Northern Fleet In Service 2/1993
755 Vedushchiyy Pacific Fleet In Service 1/1993
531 Sobrazitelny Northern Fleet In Service 5/1993
139 Buynyy Pacific Fleet In Service 8/1993
403 Vdumchivyy Pacific Fleet In Service 12/1993
605 Vazhnyy Pacific Fleet In Service 1/1994

Udaloy Class

The Udaloy class specialize in ASW, they have an excellent Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) suite, potent long and short range ASW weapons and two Ka-27 helicopters. These ships are designed to lead ASW hunter groups or lead the escort of a major formation protecting either a Kuznetzov class aircraft carrier or Kirov class Battle Cruiser. They have good air defence capability with 64 SA-N-9 Gauntlet SAMs and four CIWS 30mm Gatling guns. A sub class is the Udaloy II, much improved overall; it has SS-N-22 Sunburn (P-270 Moskit) hypersonic SSMs similar to a modified Sovremennyy; an improved close ASW capability with the UDev-1 system; and also adds the SA-N-11 close defence SAM. Many references consider the Udaloy II a separate class. Overall 12 Udaloy I and three Udaloy II are in service at the start of Northern Fury.

Class Pennant Name Status Remarks
Udaloy I 673 Udaloy Northern Fleet
626 Vice-Admiral Kulakov Northern Fleet
687 Marshal Vasilyevsky Northern Fleet
513 Admiral Zakharov Northern Fleet
555 Admiral Spiridonov Northern Fleet
564 Admiral Tributs Pacific Fleet
543 Marshal Shaposhnikov Pacific Fleet
619 Simferopol Pacific Fleet
605 Admiral Levchenko Northern Fleet
572 Admiral Vinogradov Pacific Fleet
678 Admiral Kharlamov Northern Fleet
548 Admiral Panteleyev Pacific Fleet
Udaloy II 534 Admiral Chabanenko Northern Fleet
493 Admiral Basisty Pacific Fleet In Service 8/1993
659 Admiral Kucherov Northern Fleet In Service 2/1994

Kashin Class

Commissioned from the mid ‘60s to the mid ‘70s these ships were the first in the Soviet Union to have a full Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) defence system and the first to carry a helicopter, they were also the first gas turbine ships in the world. The 19 of the original 20 ships were fitted with SA-N-1 Goa SAMs (32 missiles), guns and ASW weapons but the final ship (Sderzhanny) had a lengthened hull, a VDS and helicopter facilities added, and four SS-N-2C Styx SSM. Five other ships were upgraded to this standard and called the Kashin Mod subclass. The Kashin Mod can carry a Ka-25 ASW helicopter but do not have a hanger for extended deployments. In 1990 the Smetivy was converted to the testbed for the SS-N-25 Uran (Switchblade) SSMs, the conversion was completed in ’93. These ships have had a long and interesting career, with the exception of the Otvazhny which sank in the black sea in 1974 and the Smely which was sold to Poland as the Warszawa they all remain in service.

Class Pennant Name Status Remarks
Kashin 170 Komsomolets Ukrainy Black Sea Fleet
604 Soobrazitelnyy Northern Fleet
713 Provornyy Black Sea Fleet
435 Obraztsovyy Baltic Fleet
587 Odarennyy Northern Fleet
Otvazhnyy Stricken Sunk by fire 1974
624 Steregushchy Northern Fleet
179 Krasny Kavkaz Black Sea Fleet
818 Reshitelny Black Sea Fleet
580 Strogiy Pacific Fleet
814 Krasny Krym Black Sea Fleet
578 Sposobnyy Pacific Fleet
805 Skoryy Black Sea Fleet
Kashin Mod 602 Ognevoy Northern Fleet
348 Slavnyy Baltic Fleet
660 Stroynyy Northern Fleet
644 Smyshlenyy Pacific Fleet
Smely Stricken Sold to Poland 1992
804 Sderzhannyy Pacific Fleet
Smetlivy 810 Smetlivyy Black Sea Fleet SS-N-25 Testbed

Kanin Class

The Soviet navy’s first guided missile destroyers, these ships were designed in the late ‘50s as anti surface ships and housed two SS-N-1 Scrubber launchers with six reloads each for a total of 14 missiles. This missile however was a disappointment and the ships were converted to general ASW destroyers in the Mid ‘60s, given a hull mounted sonar, SA-N-1 SAMs (32 missiles), two quadruple 57mm guns and a helipad to support a Ka-25 helicopter. Four of the original eight ships survive but they are relegated to second line duties.

Class Pennant Name Status Remarks
Kanin Gremyashchiy Striken Mothballed
647 Zhguchiy Northern Fleet
888 Zorkiy Baltic Fleet
851 Derzkiy Northern Fleet
Gnevnyy Striken Mothballed
518 Upornyy Pacific Fleet
Boykiy Striken Mothballed
Gordyy Striken Mothballed