Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Frontal Aviation Forces

Frontal Aviation: VVS (Voenno-Vozdushmiy Sily)

VVS literally means Military Air Force, but in the west the VVS is commonly referred to a s Frontal Aviation because its primary purpose is to provide air support to the Soviet Army and the various air forces are subordinated to Soviet Army Fronts in wartime. Comprising more than 11,500 aircraft, not including Long Range Aviation which is accounted separately, the VVS is organized into 14 Air Armies in addition to major components in three Military Districts (MD) which are largely training and demonstration forces. Amongst this force are more than 2,250 front line combat fighters, 3,200 fighter-bombers, over 1,000 second line and aging fighters/fighter-bombers, 500 support and reconnaissance airframes, 800 transports and over 3,500 training aircraft. Each of the Air Armies reports to either a MD or the General Staff in peacetime and would be assigned to various pre-arranged Fronts in wartime.

1st Red Banner Air Army: Reports directly to the High Command of the Far East HQ in Vladivostok, and is primarily responsible for supporting the Pacific Fleet and should there be difficulties with China or Korea, support the army forces involved. A squadron of MiG-29 is usually located at Cam Ranh Bay Naval Base in southern Viet Nam.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
28th Ftr 216th Ftr Komsomolsk 41 Su-27S
302nd Ftr Khabarovsk 41 MiG-29A
404th Ftr Orlovka 41 MiG-29M
83rd Bmbr 56th Bmbr Vozzaevka 32 Su-24
277th Bmbr Komsomolsk 30 Su-24
302nd Bmbr Pereyaslavka-2 24 Su-24M
303rd RB Ftr-Bmbr 18th Ftr-Bmbr Galenki 36 Su-25A Upgrade from MiG-27
6 Su-25UBM
224th Ftr-Bmbr Ozernaya Pad 41 MiG-27D
523rd Ftr-Bmbr Vozdvizhenka 39 Su-17M4
Army Units 187th Ind Asslt Chernigovka 41 Su-25A
293rd Ind Recon Vozzhaevka 6 Su-24MR
8 MiG-25RB
12 MiG-25BM
4 MiG-25R
12 Su-17M3R
799th Ind Recon Varfolomeevka 6 Su-24MR
257th Ind Mixed Khabarovsk Various

4th Air Army: Displaced from Poland in 1989 and largely dispersed this force resides in the Ukraine and will reinforce westward.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
131st RB Ftr 114th RB Ftr Ivano-Frankovsk 41 Su-27S
192nd Ftr Ivano-Frankovsk 45 MiG-23MLA
30th Ftr-Bmbr 58th Ftr-Bmbr Step 41 Su-17M2
6th Bmbr Step 41 Su-17M2
26th Gds Bmbr Uchastok 41 Su-17M3
Army Units 153rd Mix Sqn Kishinev Various

5th Air Army: Reporting to Odessa MD this Air Army will likely be committed to the Western Military Direction as a second echelon air force, or it could easily support the Southwestern Military Direction in either the Balkans or Turkey, it comprises a large number of independent regiments which could indicate that it will not be committed as a whole and could farm out its units individually and form a mobilization HQ for activating reserve elements.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
119th RB Ftr 86th Gds Ftr Markuleshty 41 MiG-29SM
161st Ftr Limanskoye 41 MiG-29SM
841st Gds RB Ftr Meria 52 MiG-23M
29th Ftr-Bmbr 34th RB Bombr Rostov 35 Su-17M3
314th Bmbr Cherlyany 40 Su-17M3
733rd Bmbr Volgograd 40 Su-17M3
Army Units 642nd Gds Ftr-Bmr Voznesensk 53 MiG-29A
90th Ind Asslt Artsyz 40 Su-25A
827 Ind Recon Limanskoye 40 Su-17M4
15 MiG-21R
29th Bmbr Trg Berdyansk 32 Su-24
117th Ind EW Orenburg 29 An-12PPS
5 An-12BKI Other spec AC
112th Mix Sqn Odessa Various
208th Ind EW Sqn Buyalyk 14 Mi-8PPA

14th Air Army: The primary responsibility of this force is to reinforce the South Western Military Direction and very likely the 1st Bulgarian Front attacking into Greece and Turkey. A secondary option would be to reinforce 36th Air Army further west fighting NATO forces over the Balkans.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
4th Ftr 92nd Ftr Mukachevo 39 MiG-29A
145th Ftr Ivano-Frankovsk 41 MiG-29A
916th RB Ftr 41 Su-27S
289th Bmbr 69th Bmbr Cherlyany 24 Su-24M
806th Bmbr Lutsk 24 Su-24M
Army Units 48th Ind Recon Kolomiya 8 MiG-25RB
8 MiG-25BM
8 Su-24MR
4 Su-24MP
15 MiG-21R
452nd Ind Asslt Chortkov 34 Su-25A
234th Ind Mix Lvov Various
209th Ind EW Sqn 11 Mi-8PPA

15th Air Army: Based in the Baltics this army will work closely with Baltic Fleet and 26th Air Army units along the Baltic coast. Not a large army and dependent on others to provide air superiority, although the newly added regiment of Su-30s should go a long way to fixing that issue.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
39th Ftr-Bmbr 53rd Gds Ftr-Bmbr Siauliai 36 MiG-27D
11 MiG-23UM
372nd Ftr-Bmbr Borisoglebsk 36 MiG-27D
12 MiG-23UM
899th Ftr-Bmbr Buturlinovka 47 MiG-27D
11 MiG-23UM
Army Units 866th RB Recon Jekabpils 12 Su-24MR
4 Su-24MP
14 Su-17M3R
236th Ftr-Bmbr Lielvarde 41 Su-30
249th Mix Sqn Riga-Spilve Var Heli +An-14
Riga-Skulte Var Tpt
285th Ind EW Sqn 19 Mi-8PPA

16th Air Army: Formerly based in East Germany, this Air Army re-deployed to Czechoslovakia with the exception of a few units which deployed back to the Soviet Union, mostly to Moscow Military District. Of all Soviet VVS forces this Army is held at the highest state of readiness and its presence has improved Czechoslovakian training as well.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
16th Gds RB Ftr 33rd Ftr Milovice 32 MiG-29SMT 2 MiG-23UM
773rd Ftr Kbely 31 MiG-29M 3 MiG-23UM
787th Ftr Ruzyně 31 MiG-29M 2 MiG-23UM
125th Ftr-Bmbr 19th Gds Ftr-Bmbr Trenčín 32 MiG-27D 7 MiG-23UM
20th Gds RB Ftr-Bm Sliač 36 Su-17M4
730th Ftr-Bmbr Poprad-Tatry 38 Su-17M4
6th Gds RB Ftr 31st Gds Ftr Brataslava 32 MiG-29M
85th Gds Ftr Kuchyňa 41 MiG-29SM
968th Ftr Piešťany 46 MiG-29S 4 MiG-29UB
105th Ftr-Bmbr 296th Ftr-Bmbr Hořovice 32 MiG-27D 10 MiG-23UM
559th Ftr-Bmbr Pribram 32 MiG-27D 9 MiG-23UM
911th Ftr-Bmbr Tábor 32 MiG-27D 10 MiG-23UM
126th Ftr 35th Ftr Čáslav 41 MiG-29S 6 MiG-23UM
833rd Ftr Hradčany 36 MiG-23MLD
116th Gds Ftr Letňany 41 Su-27S
Army Units 357th Ind Asslt Mnichovo 45 Su-25T 6 L-39C
368th Ind Asslt Karlovy Vary 45 Su-25T 4 L-39C
11th Ind Recon Ostrava 20 Su-24MR
12 Su-24MP
294th Ind Recon Vyskov 16 Su-17M3R 5 Su-17UM
931st Gd Ind Recon Brataslava 9 Mig-25R
3 MiG-25RB 2 MiG-25U
8 MiG-25BM
226th Ind Mix Brataslava Various
292nd Ind EW Sqn Kbely 11 Mi-8PPA
39th Ind Recon Sqn Brataslava 8 Su-17M3R

17th Air Army: Primarily focused on basic and advanced training for the entire VVS, this Army is under command of the Kiev Military District and produces thousands of trained pilots every year.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
255th Mixed Borispol 2 Tu-134
2 Tu-154
7 Mi-8
2 Mi-6
228th Ind EW Sqn Borispol 15 Mi-8PPA
Chernigov School 105th Trg Konotop 101 L-39C
701st Trg Chernigov 101 L-39C
702nd Trg Uman 136 MiG-21UM
703rd Trg Gorodnya 101 L-39C
Kharkov School 443rd Trg Velikaya 101 L-39C
809th Trg Akhtyrka 102 L-39C
810th Trg Chuguev 103 MiG-21UM
812th Trg Kupyask 102 MiG-21UM
Voroshilovgrad S 46th Trg Voroshilovgrad 40 An-26
130th Trg Mariupol 10 Be-12
24 An-12Bsh/BKsh
228th Trg Bagerovo 120 MiG-21bis
20 L-29

23rd Air Army: A relatively small Air Army located in the Trans Baikal region. Primarily situated to support action in China, if there is no threat in this region this force of primarily Fighter-Bombers is ideally situated to reinforce the Far Eastern Military District and the Pacific Fleet.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
21st Bmbr 2nd Gds Bmbr Dzhida 24 Su-24M
21st Bmbr Bada 24 Su-24M
Army Units 189th Gds Ftr-Bmr Borzya-2 24 Su-24M
266th Ftr-Bmbr Step 36 Su-17M4
120th Ftr Domna 41 MiG-29S
101st Ind Recon Borzya-2 22 Su-17M/3R ORAP
125th Ind Recon Domna 28 Su-17M/3R
193rd Gds RB Rece Ukurey 24 MiG-25RBU Recon Trg
12 Su-17M2R
36th Ind Mixed Chita Various
150th Ind Mixed Ulan-Ude Various

24rd Air Army (VKG ON): Located in western Ukraine and Belarus, this force has been tasked with nuclear strike in the past and therefore could be placed under the control of the VKG, however over 150 Su-24 with plenty of fighter and electronic support would make a welcome reinforcement to any Front.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
32nd Bmbr 7th Bmbr Starokonstantinov 29 Su-24M
727th Bmbr Kanatovo 30 Su-24M
953rd Bmbr Bobrovichi 28 Su-24
56th Bmbr 230th Bmbr Cherlyany 30 Su-24M
947th Bmbr Dubna 30 Su-24M
138th RB Ftr 168th Ftr Starokonstantinov 42 MiG-23MLD
190th Ftr Kanatovo 42 MiG-23MLD
831st Ftr Mirgorod 32 Su-27D
Army Units 456 Gds Ind Tpt Vinnitsa Various
118th Ind EW Chortkov 6 Su-24MP
37 Yak-28PP
511th Ind Recon Buyalyk 6 Su-24MR

26th Air Army: Based in Belorussia, the primary task of this force is to back up any fight in Europe. Equipped with many of the latest aircraft, this Air Army would provide depth and challenge NATO’s latest fighter forces.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
1st Gds Bmbr 116th Gds RB Bmbr Ross 30 Su-24M
305th Bmbr Postavy 30 Su-24M
497th Bmbr Lida 29 Su-24
145th RB Ftr 665th Ftr Odessa 40 Su-27S
732nd Ftr Odessa 40 Su-27S
515th Ftr Nikolayev 40 Su-27S
239th Ftr 159th RB Ftr Besovets 41 Su-27S
871st RB Ftr Smolensk-N 39 MiG-23MLD
976th RB Ftr Schuchin 45 MiG-23MLD
Army Units 813th Ind Ftr Minsk 41 Su-27S
50th Ind Mixed Minsk Various
151st Ind EW Schuchin 4 MiG-25RB
16 MiG-25BM
4 MiG-25R
20 Yak-28PP
164th RB Recon Shatalovo 14 MiG-25RB
3 Su-24MR
2 Su-24MP
12 Su-17M2R
206th Ind Aslt Lida 29 Su-25A 7 L-39
12 Su-25UBM
378th Ind Aslt Postavy 32 Su-25A 6 L-39
12 Su-25UBM
397th Ind Aslt Kobrin 32 Su-25A 6 L-39
12 Su-25UBM
927th RB Ftr Bereza-Osovitsy 51 MiG-29SM
10th Ind RB Recon Schuchin 4 MiG-25RB
16 MiG-25BM
3 MiG-25R
6 Su-24MR
15 MiG-21R
302nd Ind EW Sqn 13 Mi-8PPA

34th Air Army: Located in the Transcaucian region and primarily responsible for eastern Turkey and Iran, in Northern Fury, a good portion of this Air Army is deployed or is ready to deploy southward into the Persian Gulf Area. The 283rd Red Banner Fighter Division with two regiments plus an element of Su-24 bombers and support aircraft is deployed to Socotra Island in the Gulf of Aden, while elements of the 36th Bomber Division are in Yemen and Iran.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
283rd RB Ftr 176th Ftr Sennoy 41 MiG-29S 4 MiG-23U
843rd Ftr Meria 52 MiG-23M
982nd Ftr Tambov 44 MiG-23MLD
36th Bmbr 143rd Bmbr Morozovsk 28 Su-24M
168th Bmbr Marinovka 30 Su-24M
976th Bmbr Totskoye 29 Su-24M
Army Units 80th Ind Aslt Sital-Chae 30 Su-25A
4 Su-25BM
16 Su-25UBM
313th Ind Recon Bada 30 Su-17M/3R OAPREB
882nd Ind Recon Dallyar 4 MiG-25RB
12 MiG-25BM
6 Su-24MR
15 MiG-21R
193rd Ind Mix Sqn Novo-Alekseevka Various
300th Ind Mix Sqn Kala Various
286th Ind EW Sqn Dallyar 17 Mi-8PPA

36th Air Army: Reinforcing the Army units’ based in Hungary, this Air Army, although small has some of the most advanced aircraft. The primary role will be to defeat NATO air forces based in Italy.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
11th Gds RB Ftr 5th Gds RB Ftr Sármellék 41 MiG-29SM
14th Gds RB Ftr Khalino-Kursk 41 MiG-29A 9 MiG-23UM
515th Ftr Tököl 34 MiG-29SMT
Army Units 1st Gds Ftr-Bmbr Lebyazhe 42 MiG-23ML
88th Ftr-Bmbr Olenya 32 MiG-27D 10 MiG-23UM
328th Ind Recon Kunmadaras 6 Su-24MR
15 Su-17M/3R
396th Gds Heli Kagan-South Mi-8 ‘TV’ & ‘VKP’
201st Ind Mixed Tököl Various
294th Ind EW Sqn Debrecen 17 Mi-8PPA

49th Air Army: Located in Turkestan the main role of this Air Army is to reinforce into the Persian Gulf or Turkey, whichever requires more effort.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
34th Ftr-Bmbr 136th Ftr-Bmbr Chirchik 41 Su-17M3
217th Ftr-Bmbr Kzyl-Arvat 41 Su-17M3
Army Units 155th Gds Ind Ftr Kokaydy 45 MiG-29
735th Bmbr Karshi-Khanabad 24 Su-24M
372nd Ind Aslt Dzhizak 22 Su-25A
87th Ind Recon Karshi-Khanabad 8 Su-24MR 1 AE
24 Su-17M2R
47th Ind Mix Ak-Tepe Various

73rd Air Army: Equipped with second line aircraft this Air Army conducts some advanced training as well as reinforcing forces in either Central Asia, Turkey or the Persian Gulf.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
24th Ftr Bmbr 129th Ftr Bmbr Taldy-Kurgan 45 MiG-23BN
134th Ftr Bmbr Zhangiz-Tobe 45 MiG-23BN
10Th Trg Ctr 27th Gds Ftr 60 MiG-21bis
Army Units 115th Gds Ftr Kokaydy 44 MiG-29
156th Ftr Mary-2 42 MiG-29
905th Ftr Taldy-Kurgan 42 MiG-23MLD
39th Ind Recon Balkhash 4 MiG-25RB
12 MiG-25BM
5 Su-24MR
381st Ind Recon Chimkent Su-17M3R
218th Ind Mix Alma-Ata Various

76th Air Army: Although headquartered in Leningrad, the primary focus of this Air Army is power projection in the north into Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. Equipped with about 120 each of Su-27 and Su-24, this force should easily overpower NATO defences in the north, especially when reinforced for the operation.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
149th Bmbr 3rd Bmbr Lebyazhe 20 Su-24
42nd Gds Bmbr Levashovo 25 Su-24M
89th Bmbr Siverskaya 25 Su-24M
122nd Ftr 778th Ftr Levashovo 41 Su-27S
768th Ftr Monchegorsk 41 Su-27S
769th Ftr Poduzhem’ye 41 Su-27S
246th Ftr 104th Ftr Marienkhof 45 MiG-23MLD
126th Ftr Dunayevka 45 MiG-23MLD
Army Units 67th Ind Bmbr Siverskiy-2 25 Su-24M
722nd Ind Bmbr Smuravevo 25 Su-24M
6th Ind Ftr-Bmbr Veshchevo 45 Su-17M3
98th Gds RB Recon Monchegorsk 4 MiG-25RB
12 MiG-25BM
18 Su-17M/3R
138th Ind Mixed Levashovo Various
227th Ind EW Sqn Levashovo 15 Mi-8PPA SMV

Moscow Military District: In addition to providing reinforcing forces forward, the air forces of the Moscow Military District are largely centered on training and demonstration elements. Although combat ready the demonstration teams represent a mixed bag of aircraft and are likely to be broken up as replacements rather than going to war with three or four different aircraft types in a regiment. Much of the training, particularly in 4th Training Division is specific to aircraft type, these will also likely provide ready replacements into combat units.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
9th Mixed 32nd Gds Ftr Shatalovo 45 MiG-23MLD
234th Gds RB Ftr Kubinka 16 Su-27 Demonstration
16 MiG-29S
16 MiG-23MLD
274th Ftr-Bmbr Migalovo 38 Su-17M4
District Units 73rd Gds RB Ftr Shaikovka 31 MiG-29M 4 MiG-23UM
269th Ind Heli Malino 39 Mi-8
378th Ind Mixed Kubinka Various
297th Ind EW Kubinka 18 Mi-8PPA
455th Bmbr Voronezh 15 MiG-25BM Demonstration
15 Su-24
41 Su-17M3
47th Gds RB Recon Shatalovo 17 MiG-25RB
4 Su-24MR
16 Su-17M3R
144th Ind LRRD Ivanovo 42 A-50M
Frunz 322nd Trg Frunze-1 100 MiG-21bis
349th Trg Novotroitskoye 90 MiG-23UB
120 L-29
715th Trg Lugovaya 22 MiG-29
716th Trg Tokmak-2 100 L-39
4th Trg 91st Instr Lipetsk 34 MiG-29SMT
15 Su-27
760th Instr Lipetsk 16 Su-25BM
12 Su-25UB
16 Su-25UBM
41 Su-17M3
34 MiG-29M
1080 Trg Ctr 160th Instr Borisoglebsk 34 MiG-29UB
60 MiG-21
16 Su-25BM
12 Su-25UB
16 Su-25UBM
186th Instr Buturlinovka 44 Su-25A
281st Instr Totskoye 66 MiG-23UB
343rd Instr Sennoy 42 MiG-29UB
Tambov School 127th Trg Atashovo 112 L-39
644th Trg Michurinsk 108 L-39
652nd Trg Tambov 96 L-29

North Caucasus Military District: Almost exclusively devoted to training of Fighter Bomber units, this Air Command also conducts a significant amount of basic flight training as well.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
138th Ind Mixed Rostov Various
1070 Trg Ctr 707th Trg Lebyazhe 46 MiG-23BN
46 MiG-23UB
963rd RB Trg Taganrog 70 Su-17UM
50 Su-17UM3
Borisoglebsk 123rd Trg Zherdevka 92 MiG-23UB
Kacha School 122nd Trg Morozovsk 88 L-39
88 L-29
704th Trg Kotelnikovo 110 MiG-21bis
54 L-39
706th Trg Beketovsk 80 L-39
84 L-29
Yeysk School 106th Trg Zernograd 80 L-39
100 L-29
801st Trg Bataysk 80 L-39
100 L-29
959th Trg Yeysk 80 L-39
100 L-29
Krasnodar Tech 797th Trg Kushevskaya 108 MiG-21bis Foreign Trg
802nd Trg Krasnodar 12 Su-25BM
16 Su-25UB
16 Su-25UBM
15 Su-24
70 Su-22
960th Trg Primorsko 120 L-39

Siberian Military District: Focused entirely on basic flight and basic fighter/interceptor training.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
Barnaul School 44th Trg Kalmanka 100 L-29
62 L-39
59th Trg Slavgorod 120 MiG-21bis
96th Trg Kamen-na-Ob 120 MiG-21bis

Volga Military District: The Volga Military District conducts both transport and helicopter training in addition to basic flight training for its students.

Corps/Army Division Regiment Location Number Aircraft type Remarks
Balashov School 478th Trg Petrovsk An-26 Transport Trg
606th Trg Balashov An-26
666th Trg Rtischchevo 70 L-410
Orenburg School 750th Trg Orsk Tu-134UBL
814th Trg Orenburg-2 100 L-29
904th Trg Chebenki 107 L-29
910th Trg Sol-Iletsk 100 L-29
Syzran School 131st Heli Trg Sokol 125 Mi-8
484th Heli Trg Syzran 87 Mi-24
626th Heli Trg Pugachev 136 Mi-8
Saratov School 95th Heli Trg Serdobsk Mi-8 Disbanded
437th Heli Trg Ozinki Mi-8 Disbanded
Ufa School 198th Heli Trg Davlekanovo 168 Mi-2
330th Heli Trg Krasnyy Yar 98 Mi-8
851st Heli Trg Bezenchuk 139 Mi-2
Chelyabinsk 108th Trg Shadrinsk Tu-134Sh Navigation Trg
604th Trg Shagol Tu-134Sh
605th Trg Kamensk-Uralskiy Tu-134Sh
607th Trg Yuzhno-Uralskiy Tu-134Sh