Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Soviet Union

Soviet Union

The Strategic objective of the Soviet Union in the upcoming war is to shatter NATO as an alliance in order to re-establish a balance of power in Europe with the Soviet Union in the prominent role.

In order to achieve this, Soviet High Command has set these operational level objectives:

- Envelope Central Europe with the Northern Arm through Norway and the Southern Arm through Germany, seizing Berlin, Copenhagen and Oslo as bargaining chips in the process.

- Interdict in the North Atlantic by seizing Iceland and disrupting US reinforcements to NATO and the supply of general cargo to Western Europe.

- Distract and cause confusion in the Indian Ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean regions with a view to tying down forces that would otherwise reinforce Europe and sewing unrest in non-aligned countries.

- Focus attention in the Western Pacific by destabilizing South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.

- To remove focus from Europe the Soviets will foster unrest in Africa, urge Argentina to re-attack the Falklands, assist North Korea hoping they would attack South Korea, and precipitate war between India & Pakistan.

- Neutralize NATO's Nuclear Triad by remaining strictly conventional in all actions, and messaging the futility and vulnerability of general nuclear exchange through every means possible throughout the West.