Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Hungarian People’s Army (HPA)

The HPA remained in its pre-1989 structure and stuck with Soviet style organizations, the planned (and historically carried out) restructuring from a Motor Rifle Division (MRD) based configuration to a Brigade organization was meant to save command overhead and streamline the army, but never completed. The halt to the changes was due primarily to Soviet assurances that several MRDs would be placed under Hungarian command so the old structure, meant for rapid mobilization and expansion was maintained.

Along with the change in plans came a change in orientation for the HPA. Instead of reinforcing a push into southern Germany after transiting Czechoslovakia – the army was now looking to the west and southward towards the new states of the former Yugoslavia. With NATO forces essentially on the border, and with increasing civil unrest in Hungary itself, there was now a clear threat and no buffer state. Therefore 5th Hungarian Combined Arms Army (CAA) was tasked to look at both offensive and defensive operations oriented towards Zagreb or Ljubljana, with a view to forcing NATO forces to a standstill closer to Italy than Hungary.

Organized largely along Soviet lines, much of the equipment such as the D-442 FUG-APC was designed and built domestically and exported to Poland as the FUG and Czechoslovakia as the OT-65 and the former East Germany as PSzH-IV, or the FUG-65 reconnaissance vehicle

Role Type Variant No Remarks
MBT T-72 T-72A 100 T-72 Data
T-72M 150
T-72M1 45
T-54/55 T-55AM 144
T-55AMH2 1200
T-54 1800 In storage
T-34/85 In storage
IFV BMP-1 502
APC BTR-80 691 178 are BTR-80A
BTR-60 165 Plus AD
D-442 FUG 1000
BTR-50 150
Recon BRDM-2 300
BWR-1D ?
FUG-65 475
Arty 120mm M-43 100 Mortars
122mm M-30 225 M-1938 WW2 era 122mm guns
2S1 90
130mm M-1943 50 WW2 era 152mm guns
152mm 2S3 20
D-20 100
D-1 50 WW2 era 152mm guns
AT 85mm D-44 100
100mm D-12 50
AT-3 Sagger 100 Mounted on BRDM
AT-4 Spiggot 100
MLR BM-21 65
SSM Scud-B 12
Frog-7 12
AAA 57mm S-60 80
23mm ZSU 23-4 50
SAM SA-4 30
SA-6 60
SA-7 350
SA-9 50