Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Czechoslovak People’s Army (CVA)

Historically the Czechoslovak Army divided in 1993 along with the rest of the country into two; the Czech and the Slovak armies, the ‘People’s’ was also dropped from the name in 1990. In Northern Fury, these changes do not occur and the army remains roughly as it was in 1989, although with slightly lower moral due to the virtual state of occupation existing in our storyline, but this is countered by some better equipment flowing from the former East Germany and additional training opportunities working with Soviet formations.

The CVA was one of the most ready armies in the Eastern Block. Like all WP armies it was organized along Soviet lines and integrated into Soviet military plans. The bulk of the army, those in the Western Military District were all fully manned and equipped. Structurally Western Military District will form a FRONT level HQ and either operate as an independent HQ reporting to the Soviet Central Group of Forces (CGF) an equal level Front HQ, or more likely remain as a national mobilization HQ. Certainly, 1st Army will be attached to CGF immediately and is ready to conduct offensive operations, 4th Army will follow within a week as it is at a very high state of readiness for Category B formations. Eastern Military District would mobilize in 2-4 weeks (very quick for Category C elements) and form an Army reinforced by a Soviet Division (30th Gds MRD), the two Tank Divisions (13th and 14th) are at a relatively high state of readiness so may be committed as reinforcements to 1st Army earlier than that.

Home grown Czech equipment was usually superior in design and workmanship to Soviet built and the ‘OT’ family of armored Personnel carriers (APC) was widely exported.

Role Type Variant No Remarks
MBT T-72 T-72 70 T-72 Data
T-72M 200
T-72M1 543 Local modification, improved fire control and ERA
T-54/55 T-54 1908 Mostly upgraded Czech variants, some in storage
T-55 1800 In Storage
IFV BMP BVP-1 1390 Czech variant of the BMP
BVP-2 280
APC BTR-60 30
OT-90 620
OT-64 1600 Polish/Czech variant of the BTR-60
OT-62 400
Recon BRDM BRDM 250
BVP-1 1006
OT-65A 1000
OT-66 200
Arty 100mm M-53 250
122mm 2S1 36
M-1938 148
D-30 36
130mm M46 148
152mm DANA(SP) 424 Czech design and production
203mm 2S7 12
240mm 2S4 4
M-51 18
MLR RM-51 360 Czech designed version of BM-13
RM-70 320 Czech designed version of BM-21
AT 85mm Vz 52 120? Czech designed version of D-44 AT gun
100mm Vz 53 600 Czech designed version of M1944 field/AT gun
BRDM-2 AT-5 600+ Mounted on BRDM
AT-3/4 200+ Mounted on BRDM (Cat C and Storage)
SSM SS-1C 24
OTR-23 4
9K52 Luna-M Frog-7 26
AD AAA M53/65 1000
9K35 Strela
SAM 9K33 Osa 180 SA-8 Gecko, Category A & B +1 Cat C Divs only
2K12 Kub 180 SA-6 Gainful, Category A & B +1 Cat C Divs only
9K35 Strela 128 Category A & B Divs only
MANPADS Many SA-18 replacing older versions
2K11 Krug 24 SA-4
S-75 Dvina 24
S-125 Neva 48?
S-200 5 Bns
S-300 1 Bn