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Repair Ships

USN Repair Ships

In order to conduct operations across the globe, the USN needs a network of repair facilities both fixed and afloat to keep its ships operational. These Repair ships or ‘Tenders’ conduct routine maintenance, repair and support to ships at anchor and can augment a ports facilities or conduct repairs at austere anchorages.

AD: Destroyer Tenders:

These ships are vital to the general maintenance of surface ships up to CG size and can service several simultaneously. The oldest of the three remaining Dixie class USS Prairie was launched before the US entered World War Two, while her sisters served during the war, although historically retired in 93-94, as with many of the combat ships these, venerable workhorses remain in service. Much more modern, the Samuel Gompers class was built in the early 60’s while the latest ships of the Yellowstone class were commissioned in the 80’s. All have received extensive upgrades and refits to enable their ability to repair modern ships.

Class Pennant Name Fleet Home Port Task
Dixie AD-15 USS Prairie Pacific Pearl Hbr Manila
AD-17 USS Sierra Atlantic Norfolk Tied Up
AD-19 USS Yosemite Atlantic Norfolk New Orleans
Samuel Gompers AD-37 USS Samuel Gompers Pacific San Diego Naples
AD-38 USS Puget Sound Atlantic Norfolk Diego Garcia
Yellowstone AD-41 Yellowstone Atlantic Norfolk Scotland
AD-42 Acadia Pacific San Diego Bahrain
AD-43 Cape Cod Pacific San Diego Guam
AD-44 Shenandoah Atlantic Norfolk Tied up

AS: Submarine Tenders:

These ships are similar to Destroyer Tenders but their tooling and equipment is configured for maintenance and repair of submarines. The three remaining Fulton class are all veterans of World War Two and, like the Dixies, were not retired in the early 90’s. Four more classes provide support to submarines around the world, the Hunley class from the early 60’s, Simon Lake class from the mid 60’s, L.Y. Spear class from the early 70’s, and the Emory S. Land class from the late 70’s.

Class Pennant Name Fleet Home Port Task
Fulton AS-11 Fulton Atlantic Norfolk Scotland
AS-18 Orion Atlantic Norfolk Tied Up
AS-19 Proteus Pacific Bremerton Japan
Hunley AS-31 Hunley Atlantic Norfolk Scotland
AS-32 Holland Atlantic Norfolk Rota Spain
Simon Lake AS-33 Simon Lake Atlantic Norfolk La Mddalena It
AS-34 Canopus Atlantic Charleston Tied Up
L.Y Spear AS-36 L.Y. Spear Atlantic Norfolk Tied Up
AS-37 Dixon Pacific San Diego Tied Up
Emory S. Land AS-39 Emory S. Land Atlantic Norfolk Tied Up
AS-40 Frank Cable Pacific Guam Tied Up
AS-41 McKee Pacific San Diego Tied Up

AR: Repair Ship:

The four World War Two veterans of the Vulcan class are capable of a wide range of repairs to any ship in the USN. They have been put into the ready reserve fleet and will take several weeks to bring up to active status.

Pennant Name Fleet Home Port Status
AR-5 Vulcan Atlantic Norfolk Mothballed
AR-6 Ajax Pacific San Diego Mothballed
AR-7 Hector Pacific Portland Mothballed
AR-8 Jason Pacific San Diego Mothballed

There are literally dozens of smaller support and repair ships in the USN which will not be listed here. These include the 10 ARS (Salvage and Repair) of the Bolster and Safeguard classes, six ASR (Submarine Rescue Ships) of the Chanticleer and Pigeon, the seven ATF (Ocean Going Tugs) of the Powhatan class, the five ATS (Salvage Ships) of the Edenton class, the three ARC (Cable Repair Ships) of the Neptune and Zeus class, and many more.