Alternative Cold War History 1994

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In Northern Fury the US Navy fields 67 Destroyers (DD) and Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG), 29 more than they historically did, but this number is deceptive. Of these, 25 represents ships not retired and 16 of these older ships are undergoing refit at the start of the Northern Fury campaign.  The remaining increase are 4 Arleigh Burk class ships being commissioned 6-8 months early.  Therefore, the substantive increase at the start of Northern Fury is 13 Destroyers. The decision to maintain the older ships was a contentious one, many would rather they be scrapped and put the maintenance and overall time and money into more new ships, and the personnel cost of manning the ships could be better spent on training. However, in a series of rapid fire rulings by Congress, keeping the older ships was cheaper and quicker than building new, so navy planners got to work, glad that the short sighted ‘peace dividend’ mania that swept through the west in the post Cold War days was behind them.

Charles F. Adams Class: The 23 ships of this class were commissioned in the early 1960s, and served a long and useful life as ASW escort ships with a decent Anti Air Warfare (AAW) capability. Although upgraded over time to carry the RIM-66 Standard SAM with better sensors, the main drawback of these ships is the lack of a helicopter. Historically only 3 of this class received a complete New Threat Upgrade (NTU) but in Northern Fury 12 more will complete this upgrade in the next 18 months. These ships are useful in secondary roles and would have great difficulty in a high threat area. Eight more Adams class DDGs are in Ready Reserve but will require a refit before they see service again.

Class Pennant Name Historic NF Task Remarks
Charles F Adams DDG-8 Lynde McCormick Sunk as Tgt Refit Compl Aug-94
DDG-10 Sampson Scrapped Refit Compl Apr-95
DDG-12 Robison Scrapped Refit Compl Dec-94
DDG-13 Hoel Converted Refit Compl Feb-95
DDG-14 Buchanan Sunk as Tgt Refit Compl Jan-95
DDG-15 Berkeley Sold to Greece Refit Compl Mar-95
DDG-16 Joseph Strauss Sold to Greece Refit Compl May-95
DDG-17 Conyngham Scrapped Refit Compl Jun-94
DDG-18 Semmes Sold to Greece Refit Compl Nov-94
DDG-19 Tattnall Scrapped NTU Caribbean
DDG-20 Goldsborough Sold to Aus NTU Convoy
DDG-21 Cochrane Scrapped Refit Compl Feb-94
DDG-22 Benjamin Stoddert Scrapped NTU Convoy
DDG-23 Richard E. Byrd Sold to Greece Refit Compl Jun-95
DDG-24 Waddell Sold to Greece Refit Compl Oct-94

Farragut Class: The 10 ships of this class were all launched between 1959-61 as AAW escorts to protect the fast aircraft carrier battel groups (CVBG). The Farragut class has a dual arm Mk 10 SAM launcher and with the NTU were able to fire medium range Standard missiles, the NTU upgrade also adds 8 Harpoon SSMs. Historically only USS Mahan (DDG-42) received the complete NTU improvement but in Northern Fury all ships of this class were retained and refit. To date 6 have completed the NTU and the remaining 4 ships will complete their refit later in 1994.

Class Pennant Name Historic NF Home Port Task Remarks
Farragut DDG-37 Farragut Decom 89 Refit Compl Sep-94
DDG-38 Luce Decom 91 Refit Compl Jul-94
DDG-39 Macdonough Decom 92 Refit Convoy Compl Mar-94
DDG-40 Coontz Decom 89 Refit Convoy Compl Feb-94
DDG-41 King Decom 91 NTU Mayport Caribbean
DDG-42 Mahan Decom 93 NTU Norfolk Convoy
DDG-43 Dahlgren Decom 92 NTU Rota Med Amphibs
DDG-44 William V. Pratt Decom 91 NTU Norfolk Convoy
DDG-45 Dewey Decom 90 NTU Rota Mediterranean
DDG-46 Preble Decom 91 NTU Norfolk Convoy

Kidd Class: The four Kidd Class DDGs, based on the Spruance design, were originally destined for Iran as part of a six ship transfer which was canceled when the Shah was deposed by a hard line anti-US government. These four were completed and delivered to the USN in 1981-82. The ships took an excellent design from the Spruance and made it better (and heavier) by adding missile launchers capable of firing both SAMs and ASROC ASW torpedoes as well as many other improvements. In the late 1980s the Kidds’ received their NTU greatly enhancing the AAW capabilities and will serve another 20 years as they did historically.

Class Pennant Name Home Port Task Remarks
Kidd DDG-993 Kidd Norfolk Kennedy CVBG
DDG-994 Callaghan Yokosuka Independence CVBG
DDG-995 Scott Norfolk Roosevelt CVBG
DDG-996 Chandler San Diego Saratoga CVBG

Spruance Class: These ships were designed from the ground up to defeat the latest Soviet submarines and defend US CVBGs. This meant that they were big and fast ships, able to keep pace with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier in heavy seas. Because of their size they were easily modified throughout their life as threats changed or technology became available. All 31 ships carry two SH-60B Seahawk ASW helicopters and 24 of the 31 ships in the class had a major upgrade adding a 61-cell Vertical Launch Missile System (VLS). Ten of the VLS ships also received a 21 cell Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) system. However, as the threat evolved once again and there was an urgent need for ASW escorts and a shortage of dry-dock space (needed to refit older ships) the last seven ships will not be upgraded to carry the VLS but will remain ASW DDs and undergo shorter mid-life refits than the others.

Class Pennant Name Home Port Task Remarks
Spruance DD-963 Spruance Norfolk Tied up
DD-964 Paul F. Foster Norfolk Carl Vinson CVBG
DD-965 Kinkaid San Diego Constellation CVBG
DD-966 Hewitt San Diego Washington CVBG
DD-967 Elliot San Diego Independent in PG VLS+RAM
DD-968 Arthur W. Radford Norfolk Amphib Escort
DD-969 Peterson San Diego Independent in PG
DD-970 Caron Norfolk Amphib Escort
DD-971 David R. Ray Norfolk Eisenhower CVBG
DD-972 Oldendorf Yokosuka Indian Ocean VLS+RAM
DD-973 John Young San Diego Kitty Hawk CVBG VLS+RAM
DD-974 Comte de Grasse Norfolk Amphib Escort Non VLS
DD-975 O'Brien Yokosuka Independence CVBG
DD-976 Merrill San Diego Saratoga CVBG Non VLS
DD-977 Briscoe San Diego Nimitz CVBG VLS+RAM
DD-978 Stump Norfolk Tied up
DD-979 Conolly Norfolk Kennedy CVBG Non VLS
DD-980 Moosbrugger Norfolk STANAVFORLANT
DD-981 John Hancock San Diego Lincoln CVBG
DD-982 Nicholson San Diego Saratoga CVBG VLS+RAM
DD-983 John Rodgers Norfolk TG 84 Non VLS
DD-984 Leftwich San Diego Nimitz CVBG Non VLS
DD-985 Cushing San Diego Kitty Hawk CVBG VLS+RAM
DD-986 Harry W. Hill San Diego Refit - May 94 Non VLS
DD-987 O'Bannon Norfolk Enterprise CVBG VLS+RAM
DD-988 Thorn Norfolk Enterprise CVBG VLS+RAM
DD-989 Deyo Norfolk Amphib Escort Med
DD-990 Ingersoll San Diego Constellation CVBG Non VLS
DD-991 Fife Yokosuka Tied up VLS+RAM
DD-992 Fletcher San Diego Singapore VLS+RAM
DD-997 Hayler Norfolk 2nd Flt Ready Shp

Arleigh Burke Class: This is a very advanced class of ship. History has shown that this class will grow to of 82 ships and replace all other escort types in the USN, and possibly the Cruisers as well by the 2020s. In 1994 however, the future is unclear but the need for ships is urgent; therefore, seven, vice the three historically have been completed.  There will be an additional 6 commissioned in late 94 or early 95. Known as the DDG-51 Class, all of the ships in service in Northern Fury are ‘Flight 1’ with the major disadvantage of lacking a hanger; so their ASW capability is negatively impacted if they are working alone. This class has a 90-cell VLS system able to fire any missile in the US inventory, making they very flexible, configuring the missile load as the task changes.

Class Pennant Name Historic Home Port Task Remarks
Arleigh Burke DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Norfolk Eisenhower CVBG
DDG-52 Barry San Diego Washington CVBG
DDG-53 John Paul Jones San Diego Nimitz CVBG
DDG-54 Curtis Wilbur Mar-94 San Diego Lincoln CVBG Compl Jul-93
DDG-55 Stout Aug-94 Norfolk Roosevelt CVBG Compl Dec-93
DDG-56 John S. McCain Jul-94 San Diego Independent Compl Nov-93
DDG-57 Mitscher Dec-94 Norfolk Carl Vinson CVBG Compl Feb-94
DDG-58 Laboon Mar-95 Compl Sep-94
DDG-59 Russell May-95 Compl Oct-94
DDG-60 Paul Hamilton May-95 Compl Oct-94