Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Royal Navy Frigates

The Royal Navy essentially developed Anti-Submarine Warfare during the First and early years of the Second World War, and that is where they remain strong.  In addition to building some of the best ASW platforms in the world, the gathering threat from a resurgent Soviet Union compelled the RN to save a number of older Frigates from the breakers yard. Although this helped plug some gaps, the world wide commitments are stretching the RN quite thin, and it’s their hard working Frigates which are filling the pressure.

Leander Class – Type 12: This is the most numerous and longest serving class of Frigates built by the British in the post Second World war era.  Although very successful when new; by 1994 they were quite dated, and are only suitable for secondary roles. Built in three batches the 26 ships of this class received various mid-life upgrades to improve capability but historically all were retired by the mid 90’s.  In Northern Fury, 17 of these ships remain on active service from six different batches or modification sets. Over time sensors and weapons changed considerably. Some key capabilities noted in the table are:

  • Gun = Twin 4.5in guns

  • Ikara is a missile witch launches an ASW torpedo to a range of 10 nautical miles and drops it into the sea, ideally directly above the target submarine.

  • SeaCat is an early short range SAM (4 miles) 24 or 32 missiles carried

  • SeaWolf is more modern short range SAM (4 miles) 24 missiles carried

  • Exocet = 4x Exocet ASMs carried

  • TA = Type 2031 Passive only Towed Array Sonar System (TASS)

  • Lynx = Lynx HAS.2 ASW helicopter

Class/Batch Pennant Ship Location Status Remarks
Type 12 B1A F114 Ajax Atlantic Tied up Ikara/SeaCat/No Gun
F18 Galatea Atlantic Tied up Ikara/SeaCat/No Gun
Type 12 B1B F10 Aurora Atlantic Tied up Ikara/SeaCat/No Gun
F39 Naiad Atlantic Tied up Ikara/SeaCat/No Gun
F15 Euryalus Atlantic Tied up Ikara/SeaCat/No Gun
F38 Arethusa Atlantic Convoy Ikara/SeaCat/TA/No Gun
Type 12 B2 F52 Juno Mediterranean Independent Training/Gun/SeaCat
Type 12 B2A F28 Cleopatra Atlantic Tied up Exocet/SeaCat/TA/Lynx/No Gun
F42 Phoebe Atlantic Tied up Exocet/SeaCat/TA/Lynx/No Gun
F40 Sirius Atlantic Convoy Exocet/SeaCat/TA/Lynx/No Gun
F45 Minerva Atlantic Tied up Exocet/SeaCat/Lynx/No Gun
Type 12 B2B F56 Argonaut Atlantic Convoy Exocet/SeaCat/TA/Lynx/No Gun
Type 12 B3 F57 Andromeda Mediterranean Independent Exocet/SeaWolf/Lynx/Gun
F58 Hermione Atlantic AO Escort Exocet/SeaWolf/Lynx/Gun
F75 Charybdis Atlantic Tied up Exocet/SeaWolf/Lynx/Gun
F60 Jupiter South Atlantic Independent Exocet/SeaWolf/Lynx/Gun
F71 Scylla Indian Independent Exocet/SeaWolf/Lynx/Gun

Type 21 Amazon class: Seven of the eight ships in this class deployed to the Falkland Islands campaign, were they proved excellent at shore bombardment but not much else.  They were poor Air Defense ships and quite loud and dated as ASW ships.  Two were sunk in that campaign, F170 Antelope and F184 Ardent.  Historically the remaining six of this class were sold to Pakistan in 1993-94, this sale was canceled and the ships retained as general purpose escorts.

Class/Batch Pennant Ship Location Status Remarks
Type 21 F169 Amazon Atlantic Active Amphib escort
F170 Antelope Sunk
F172 Ambuscade Atlantic Active Amphib escort
F173 Arrow Atlantic Active Amphib escort
F171 Active Atlantic Active Convoy escort
F174 Alacrity Atlantic Active Convoy escort
F184 Ardent Sunk
F185 Avenger Atlantic Active Amphib escort

Type 22 Broadsword Class: This much improved class consists of 14 ships in three batches.  Primarily ASW platforms, these are capable general purpose ships. Batch 3 is significantly improved due to the experience from the Falklands war, and the four ships of this batch were commissioned to replace four ships of other classes lost in that war.

Class/Batch Pennant Ship Location Status Remarks
Batch 1 F88 Broadsword Atlantic Active Independent
F89 Battleaxe Mediterranean Active Escort R06
F90 Brilliant Indian Active Tied Up
F91 Brazen Atlantic Active Tied Up
Batch 2 F92 Boxer Mediterranean Active Escort R06
F93 Beaver Atlantic Active Independent
F94 Brave Indian Active Escort R07
F95 London Atlantic Active Escort R05
F96 Sheffield Atlantic Active Escort R05
F98 Coventry Persian Gulf Active Independent
Batch 3 F99 Cornwall Atlantic Active Tied Up
F85 Cumberland Mediterranean Active Escort R06
F86 Campbeltown Atlantic Active Escort R05
F87 Chatham Pacific Active Independent

Type 23 Duke Class: These Frigates are very capable, well balanced ships capable of operating independently or as a key ASW, AAW or ASuW ship within a Task Force. They are one of the best ASW platforms in the world. Nine are available in Northern Fury, three being accelerated into service and commissioning 6-8 months earlier than they did historically. These ships are a valuable addition to any NATO task force.

Class/Batch Pennant Ship Location Status Remarks
Type 23 F 230 Norfolk Atlantic Active STANAVFORLANT
F 233 Marlborough Indian Active Independent
F 231 Argyll Persian Gulf Active Independent
F 229 Lancaster Indian Active Escort R07
F 234 Iron Duke Mediterranean Active Escort R06
F 235 Monmouth Mediterranean Active Independent
F 236 Montrose Atlantic Active Escort R05
F 237 Westminster Caribbean Active Independent
F 238 Northumberland Atlantic Workups