Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Italian Submarines

Toti Class: These four small submarines were the first built by Italy after World War Two. Roughly equivalent to the German Built Type 205, these are small, maneuverable, quiet, and pack a decent punch with six torpedoes. This class began to retire in 1991 but in Northern Fury, the two that had retired are being held in ready reserve and can put to sea in less than 30 days.

Class Pennant Ship Location Status Remarks
Toti S 505 Attilio Bagnolini La Spezia Reserve
S 506 Enrico Toti Adriatic Active Patrol
S 513 Enrico Dandolo Taranto Active Tied up
S 514 Lazzaro Mocenigo La Spezia Reserve

Sauro Class: The Sauro class was built in four batches of two boats each starting in the 1970’s. They have a better dive depth than the Toti class and are much more substantial, three times the displacement and ~50% larger with double the crew. Each batch has evolutionary improvements in sensors, crew accommodation, sound dampening and general operational capability. In Northern Fury the batch IV boats started construction about a year earlier than they did in real life and both are available for the campaign, with S 525 conducting her workup trials.

Class Pennant Ship Location Status Remarks
Sauro I S 518 Nazario Sauro La Spezia Active Tied Up
S 519 Carlo Feccia di Cossato La Spezia Active Tied Up
Sauro II S 520 Leonardo da Vinci Adriatic Active Patrol
S 521 Guglielmo Marconi La Spezia Active Tied Up
Sauro III S 522 Salvatore Pelosi La Spezia Active Tied Up
S 523 Giuliano Prini Mediterranean Active Patrol
Sauro IV S 524 Primo Longobardo Indian Ocean Active Patrol
S 525 Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia Mediterranean Active Workups