Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Greek Air Force

Greek Air Force

The Hellenic Air Force (HAF) maintains a large and mixed inventory; some very capable modern aircraft are entering service but many less capable and almost obsolete aircraft remain.


Greece received 40x F-16 Block 30 (34 C & 6 D) airframes 1988/90 under the Peace Xenia I program, the last foreign sale of this type the US conducted within Northern Fury. Peace Xenia I was very closely linked with Peace Onyx I which was the sale of F-16s to Turkey. Initially concentrated at Néa Anghialos in 111th Combat Wing, a new squadron has just formed at Lárissa.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
330 Mira Thunderbolt Néa Anghialos 111 PM 16 F-16C
341 Mira Arrows Néa Anghialos 111 PM 14/2 F-16C/D
346 Mira Jason Lárissa 110 PM 6/4 F-16C/D

Mirage 2000

As part of the general modernization of the Greek air force in the 1980s 40 Mirage 2000Es (4 were two seat ‘BG’ trainers) were purchased. These were the first 4th generation aircraft employed by Greece and they were primarily meant for the air superiority role. They deployed to the 114th Combat Wing at Tanagra which was already operating the Mirage F.1CG.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
331 Mira Tanagra 114 PM 18 Mirage 2000EG
332 Mira Tanagra 114 PM 16/4 Mirage 2000EG/BG

Mirage F.1

The Mirage F.1 was rushed into service in response to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the Greek withdrawal from NATO which quickly followed. France diverted some aircraft that were destined for its own air force in order to fill the requirement. No two seat trainers were acquired, only 40 F.1C modified to fire Sidewinder missiles (designated F.1CG), delivered from 1975-77. Although these were considered 3rd generation multi role aircraft, Greece was primarily interested in their Air to Air capability as they had A-7 Corsairs to focus on the bombing role.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
334 Mira Tanagra 114 PM 18 Mirage F1CG 334 Mira
342 Mira Tanagra 114 PM 18 Mirage F1CG 342 Mira

F-4 Phantom

The F-4 was another 3rd Generation multi role fighter which was acquired quickly in the early ‘70s, significantly modernizing the HAFs capability. Greece started receiving the first of 56 new build F-4E Phantom IIs in 1974, and then received 28 ex USAF F-4Es in 1991. In addition, the initial arrangement provided for six RF-4Es which were augmented by ex-Luftwaffe aircraft in 1993. In total four squadrons in two wings operate the F-4E and one squadron operates the RF-4E.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
337 Mira Ghost Lárissa 110 PM 18 F-4E Phantom II
338 Mira Aris Andrabida 117 PM 18 F-4E Phantom II
339 Mira Aias Andrabida 117 PM 18 F-4E Phantom II
348TRS Eyes Lárissa 110 PM 24 RF-4E
349 Mira Kronos Lárissa 110 PM 18 F-4E Phantom II

F-5 Freedom Fighter

Due for retirement and replacement by the F-16, some F-5s have been retained to counter the growing threat in Bulgaria. By 1994 about half of the F-5s originally operated by the Greek air force were still in operation.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
333 Mira Micra 113 PM 18 F-5
343 Mira Asteri Néa Anghialos 111PM 18 F-5
344 Mira Micra 113 PM 18 F-5

F-104 Starfighter

Another aircraft retained beyond its planned retirement date of 1993 was the F-104 Starfighter. As the Greek government tries to find solutions to the US reluctance to sell more F-16s, an upgrade program similar to the Italian F-104 ASM is being entertained.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
335 Mira Tigers Araxos 116PM 18 F-104G

A-7 Corsair II

One veteran aircraft the Greek air force has no intention of retiring is the A-7H Corsair II. The SLUF (Short Little Ugly Fellow) is a venerable bomb truck with a massive range. Greece was the only non US country to receive new production Corsairs and the first foreign country to operate them in 1975. There were 60 newly built plus an additional 36 surplus A-7Es in service by the early ‘90s.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
336 Mira Olympos Araxos 116PM 18 A-7E
355 Mira Hawks Araxos 116PM 18 A-7E
340 Mira Fox Souda 115 PM 18 A-7H
345 Mira Star Souda 115 PM 18 A-7H
347 Mira Perseus Néa Anghialos 111PM 18 A-7H

Transport Aircraft

Three different types of transport aircraft are in use, all operated by the 112th Combat Wing.

Sqn Name Wing Location AC Type Remarks
352 VIP Eagle Elefsina 112 PM 2 Gulfstream I
355 TTS Atlas Elefsina 112 PM 12 CL-215
336 TTS Hurcules Elefsina 112 PM 12 C-130B/H