Alternative Cold War History 1994

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French Frigates

In the French Navy, Frigates are meant for either coastal ASW patrol or for overseas patrols in a low threat environment. France has many overseas possessions and to adequately patrol the protect its economic interests around the world it uses these small and versatile ships.

La Fayette Class: In the Northern Fury world the La Fayette class was started 2 years earlier then it was historically and the name-ship of the class is on her first deployment to the Persian Gulf when war breaks out. Called the ‘Stealth Frigate’, she has a sleek modern shape with a reduced radar cross section. The weapons suite is fairly standard although modernized with New Generation (NG) Crotale Surface to Air (SAM) short range missiles and Block II Exocet Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM), but the electronic and sensor suite is quite extensive.

Pennant Class Ship Status Location Role Task
F 710 La Fayette La Fayette Active Persian Gulf Patrol CTF 150

Floreal Class: These ships are small and inexpensive, built to commercial and not military standards, they are not meant for warfighting and have only a modest weapons suite; they are Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) more than Frigates. The two Exocet ASMs could not hope to succeed overcoming the defences to sink a warship, but they are enough to fend of pirates or commerce raiders. They can host a helicopter which is a major asset in any situation.

Pennant Class Ship Status Location Role Task
F 730 Floreal Florial Active Indian Ocean Patrol CTF 151
F 731 Floreal Prairial Active Pacific Ocean Patrol
F 732 Floreal Nivose Active Atlantic Patrol
F 733 Floreal Ventose Active Caribbean Patrol
F 734 Floreal Vendemiaire Active Pacific Patrol
F 735 Floreal Germinal Active Atlantic Patrol

D'Estienne d'Orves-class: Known as the A69 Type ship they are small and economical, primarily designed for coastal ASW patrol, they can also fulfill the overseas patrols. Many Navies would consider the A69 class to be a Corvette due to its small displacement of less than 1200 Tons. There are 17 ships of this class in service, the last seven having an improved weapons fit with 2x Exocet ASMs.

Pennant Class Ship Status Location Role Task
F 781 A69 D'Estienne d'Orves Active Pacific ASW
F 782 A69 Amyot d'Inville Active Caribbean ASW
F 783 A69 Drogou Active Persian Gulf ASW CTF 150
F 784 A69 Détroyat Active Mediterranean ASW
F 785 A69 Jean Moulin Active Indian ASW
F 786 A69 Quartier-Maître Anquetil Active Indian ASW CTF 151
F 787 A69 Commandant de Pimodan Active Pacific ASW
F 788 A69 Second-Maître Le Bihan Active Caribbean ASW
F 789 A69 Lieutenant de vaisseau Le Hénaff Refit Atlantic ASW
F 790 A69 Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée Active Atlantic ASW
F 791 A69 Commandant l'Herminier Active Atlantic ASW
F 792 A69 Premier-Maître L'Her Active Atlantic ASW
F 793 A69 Commandant Blaison Active Atlantic ASW
F 794 A69 Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet Active Mediterranean ASW
F 795 A69 Commandant Ducuing Active Mediterranean ASW
F 796 A69 Commandant Birot Refit Mediterranean ASW
F 797 A69 Commandant Bouan Active Mediterranean ASW