Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Principe de Asturias

SPS Príncipe de Asturias Battle Group

The flagship of the Spanish Navy, light aircraft carrier Príncipe de Asturias is the centerpiece of a battle group focused on either sea dominance in the Mediterranean along with other NATO battle groups or the centre of an Anti-Submarine Warfare group in the Eastern Atlantic. At war start she was conducting a tour of the South Atlantic and was at port in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The battle group consists of:

  • R 11 SPS Principe de Asturias

    • 9th Esc: 12x EAV-8S Matador

    • 5th Esc: 6x SH-3H Sea King ASW

    • 5th Esc: 2x SH-3W Sea King AEW

    • 3rd Esc: 4x AB-212 ASW

    • 3rd Esc: 2x AB-212 EW

  • F-74 SPS Asturias

    • 10th Esc 1x SH-70B-1 ASW
  • F-84 SPS Reina Sofia

  • A-14 SPS Patino

    • 5th Esc: 2x SH-3G Sea King Utility