Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Although Germany reunified in 1990, all is not celebrations and roses in the Northern Fury world. With the Soviet Union in resurgence, economic pressures in Germany and a political movement to leave NATO has caused significant instability in Berlin and throughout Germany, the north and east in particular. Strong internal pressure in Bavaria have been a counter to the left-wing sentiment in the north causing further disunity.

Militarily, unification did little to boost Germany's capabilities. Historically most of the ships and aircraft from East Germany were sold off or simply scrapped, but in Northern Fury most of these were transferred back to the Soviet Union or other Warsaw Pact countries. Germany retained seven patrol boats, an icebreaker, survey ship and several smaller craft plus a single squadron of MiG-29's. A major impact of unification saw the Bundeswehr significantly reduced to 370,000 personnel and the former East German National Volksarmee (NVA) completely disbanded.