Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Pacific Fury

Pacific Fury

Pacific Fury is a large battleset which is critical to the Northern Fury story and runs in parallel to the campaigns in central and northern Europe and other regions. Although a sideshow for the Soviets this is a critical theater for the United States. Maintaining secure alliances with Pacific Rim partners is a critical national security objective in Washington and any threat to those relationships is threated very seriously.

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The US and its allies are dispersed at the start of hostilities, the US Navy has seven aircraft carriers in the Pacific Fleet but two of those are in the Indian Ocean and will either remain there or transfer into the Atlantic, another is transiting to the Indian Ocean, one is stationed in Japan, one is training in the Philippians and two are on the west coast. Both Britain and France are at a low ebb of military elements available while Japan, South Korea and Australia are scrambling to muster their forces.

The Soviet intend to tie down US forces in particular in order to weaken any deployments to NATO. Although Soviet forces in the Pacific are substantial, they are hemmed in geographically and have limited strategic reach. The base at Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam is the exception to this and there are plans to make as much use out of that location as possible.

There are fifteen scenarios in the series, four are played from the Soviet side, one as the North Korean while the remainder are from either a US or South-East Asian perspective.

  1. Bolt from the Blue, An ambush meant to quickly sink the Japanese based US aircraft carrier.

  2. Bombeska on Hokkaido, Soviet strike on Japanese forces on Hokkaido Island (Soviet player)

  3. Caught Flat Footed, Soviet SAG ambushes a US aircraft carrier near the Philippines

  4. I come from a land Down Under, ANAZC led convoy to Bruni

  5. Shemya Shakedown, Soviet strike on the Aleutian Island of Shmya (Soviet player)

  6. Priorities, SE Asia combined strike on Cam Ranh Bay covering a convoy to Hong Kong

  7. Crap Shoot, Counter Piracy operations in the Straits of Malacca

  8. We've got ourselves a convoy, A major convoy to Japan and South Korea

  9. The Hermit Kingdom, A Pre-emptive attack from North Korea (Played by North Korea)

  10. Kuril Crackdown, USN double carrier strike on the Kuril Islands

  11. You sank my Battleship, USS New Jersey is ambushed in the Philippian Sea (Soviet player)

  12. Wolfpack, TBC (Soviet player)

  13. TBC, TBC

  14. Island Hopping 101, TBC

  15. Vlad the Impaled, TBC