Alternative Cold War History 1994

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To the edge of Armageddon

Northern Fury Part 4: To the edge of Armageddon

The war is now six weeks old, and NATO has halted the Soviet advance in Norway. The final battleset in this campaign starts with the commencement of the NATO counterattack and ends with the conclusion of the war. NATO choses to use its operational mobility and technological advantage in certain areas to bypass Soviet operational strengths in ground forces and geography.

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This battleset includes sixteen scenarios covering the month of April and into May, bringing the war to a swift conclusion before it is three months old.

  1. Red Devils: British paratroop assault in north Norway

  2. Into the Bastion: Hunting the Boomers

  3. Rock on the Beach: Amphib force near Narvik

  4. Leap-Frog: Multi-carrier operations

  5. Bandits: Soviet air ambush

  6. Infiltration: Special Forces at work

  7. Thrust & Perry: Small ship engagement

  8. Clearing the Net: Sub vs. Sub near the North Cape

  9. Bear Hunting: Hide & seek over the Atlantic

  10. Tote that Barge: Soviet attempts to supply forces interdicted

  11. Counterpoint: Soviet counterattack

  12. Into the Hornet’s Nest : Multiple carriers strike at the Kola Peninsula defences

  13. Extraction: Extracting Special Forces from a difficult situation

  14. Bury the Hatchet: Massive Tomahawk strike at the Kola Peninsula

  15. Russian Roulette: TBC

  16. TBC: TBC