Alternative Cold War History 1994

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NF 39 Anvil

Northern Fury 39 - Anvil

14 March 1994, 0600 Zulu, 0600 Local

USS Nimitz returns to US: Aircraft carrier traveled 99,000 miles

You are commanding TF 20.2 centered on two CVBG’s: Nimitz and Carl Vinson. You job is to quickly follow a divisionary attack set by the British (TF 20.3) to your south and strike the Bodo/Evenes/Andoya area to neutralize those three airbases. In the overall plan – You are the ‘Anvil’ and have 24 hours to crush your targets. 25th Air Force’s attacks against the Land Lines of Communications (Hammer); which are just completing now should have the defences off balance. Tomorrow TF 20.1 (Enterprise & Roosevelt) will carry out precision strikes to your North as ‘Tongs’ is put into action.

Northern Fury #39 is a large scenario where you have two US aircraft carriers and 24 hours with which to shut down three Soviet airbases. The defences have been attrited but not destroyed, they remain a threat to operations.

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