Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Grinding through Norway

Northern Fury Part 3: Grinding through Norway

With Iceland secured NATO forces move towards the next major hurdle in their path, Norway. In the first two weeks of the war the Soviets have gained far more of Norway than anticipated, and there is still plenty of combat power left in the Soviet arsenal. The Blog at this link shows how the Soviet Karelian Front is organized with the objective to seize all of Norway. This battleset brings our story to the final phases of the Soviet offensive and roles through the battles that bring their force to a halt and eventually put them on the defensive.

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This battleset includes fifteen scenarios covering the first three weeks of March 1994. The Soviet remain on the offensive but are at the end of their logistic tether while NATO is gaining strength by the day.

  1. Bump in the night: Small coastal convoy action

  2. Something’s Fishy: Unconventional amphib assault across Trondheim Fjord

  3. Lance to the Chest: Lance to the Chest

  4. Shield of Faith : Major air fighting over southern Norway

  5. Sneak & Peek: Small submarine action near Narvik

  6. Into the Night: Special Forces are inserted into Norway

  7. The Longest Battle: Major Convoy operations in the Atlantic

  8. Shoulder to Shoulder: Multiple carrier attack to halt Soviet advances

  9. Wrestling an Octopus: Defensive land battle to stop the Soviet advance

  10. Charge of the Lite Brigade: Small carriers strike to distract and close airbases

  11. Hammer: USAF Strikes in Central Norway

  12. Anvil: Double carrier strikes in Central Norway

  13. Tongs: Double carrier strikes move north

  14. Tour de Force: Long scenario with multiple carriers, putting pressure on

  15. Blast from the Past: Coastal bombardment with Battleships