Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Counterattack on Iceland

Northern Fury Part 2: Counterattack on Iceland

After one week at war, NATO forces start regaining their footing and many elements are adapting to a cohesive plan instead of conducting peacetime duties. After the furious carrier battles to hold Soviet forces from breaking out into the Atlantic air and sea lanes, it is now time for NATO to put planed contingencies into effect and start striking back.

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This battleset includes fifteen scenarios where NATO is moving onto the offensive, endeavoring to whittle down the defences in Iceland and then launch a major amphibious operation to dislodge the Soviet from the island. These scenarios with a lot of Special Operations activity followed by heavily air focused strikes with alternating attacks from the US Air Force and US Navy as the defences slowly crumble leading to amphibious assaults, all taking place in the second week of the war.

  1. Cutting the Tether: Special Operations attack on Jan Mayen Island

  2. Here Comes the Cavalry: Double carrier attack on Iceland

  3. Stab in the Dark: Special Ops insertion on Iceland

  4. Sub Surge: Subs move to interdict Soviet forces North of Norway

  5. Poke in the Eye: Special Ops targeting activity on Iceland

  6. Ant Eaters Revenge: Night attack from USAF elements

  7. Decapitation: Daylight strikes by USN carrier-based air power

  8. BUFF Stampede: B-52 strikes on Iceland

  9. Sweep-up: More carrier strikes while preparing for amphibious ops

  10. Vagar Vengeance: British strike to retake the Faros Islands

  11. Swift, Silent & Deadly: US Marine Force Recon is inserted onto Iceland

  12. Battlewagons to War!: Battleships leading the USN amphibious assault

  13. Jar Heads on Ice: US Marines conduct major amphibious operations

  14. Land of Fire & Ice: Opportunity strikes, as do the Soviets

  15. Out on a Limb: USS Eisenhower moves northeast to Jan Mayen