Alternative Cold War History 1994

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NATO on the Defensive

Northern Fury Part 1: NATO on the Defensive

The opening moves of the Soviet campaign to destabilize NATO, regain what it considers its rightful place in the world and break the economic stranglehold imposed by the US and Europe, was a comprehensive and all-encompassing plan of global proportions. The Northern arc of the plan however was the centerpiece. By striking in an unexpected way, at an unforeseen time and in every domain possible, the overall plan – Plan BOYER aimed at a series of quick and decisive blows that would bring NATO to its knees.

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This battleset includes twelve scenarios where NATO is generally of the defensive, but struggling to regain the initiative and covers the first week of the war.

  1. H-Hour: Surprise Soviet operations around the North Cape

  2. X-Ray Station: NATO picket subs off the Kola peninsula

  3. Dagger to the Heart: Attacks on civilian shipping off New York

  4. A Cold and Lonely Place: Battle of Jan Mayen Island

  5. Bardufoss Blues: Air and Sea battles in North Norway

  6. Trondheim Express: STANAVFORLANT attacks Soviet Amphibious force

  7. Keflavik Capers: Soviet attacks on Iceland

  8. Plug the Gap: British forces attempt to secure the GIUK Gap

  9. Hold the Line: USS Enterprise fights to hold off Soviet attacks

  10. Eisenhower moves North: USS Eisenhower has a harrowing journey out of the Med

  11. Changing of the Guard: USS Carl Vinson relieves the embattled USS Enterprise

  12. Command at Sea: Attack on the Fleet Command ship, USS Mount Whitney