Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Northern Fury #4 – A Cold and Lonely Place

AAR by Coiler12, Mar 2014

So I played this desperate defense from the NATO side, and threw my forces hard into it. Almost immediately after seeing the first Forgers incoming and hearing the report about the Soviet "Cargo ship", I immediately threw my planes into the air. My aerial /assets at Jan Mayen were four F-5A's (two with Sidewinders and two with Bullpups), and a P-3.

-The initial aerial duel went strongly in my favor, with the hapless Yak-38s getting splashed by my F-5s. My P-3 located the Azov and the Bullpup F-5s attacked it. Although it was badly damaged and the helicopter onboard destroyed, the Azov remained afloat and trundled towards Jan Mayen. That was the high water mark of my resistance.

-The large Tu-16 raid came in, and even though the Sidewinder F-5s brought one down, they devastated the base. I had the good sense to send my Bullpup F-5s back to Iceland, yet their Sidewinder counterparts landed and were trapped after the runway was destroyed, sealing their fate.

-My diesel sub near the island was detected by a sonobuoy and immediately blown up. My Los Angeles SSN was slightly more successful-I found the Kiev group and tossed a few Harpoons at one of the outer skunks, which turned out to be a Krivak, sinking it. Unfortunately, diving deep to continue the attack did not work, and an SS-N-14 sent my sub to the bottom.

-The Yak-141's just circled the fishing boats but did not fire. (This may be a posture issue, note to Gunner98.) After the airdrop onto Jan Mayen and the loss of my SSN, I sent the P-3 back to Iceland as well. After that, the enemy took over the island and that was that.

Final score: 32: Average:





1x AvGas (40k Liter Tank)

1x Runway (1400m)

1x S 318 Kobben [Type 207]

1x SSN 688 Los Angeles [Flight I]

2x F-5A Freedom Fighter

5x A/C Open Parking Spot (1x Very Large Aircraft)

3x RB 70 Rayrider Mk1 MANPADS

1x Radar (ASR-8 GCA)

1x Building (Communication Hub)

1x Building (Small)

1x Ammo Pad

1x Diesel (40k Liter Tank)

1x Radar (GLOBUS I [EO/IR/ELINT Station])

1x Runway Access Point (Very Large Aircraft)

4x 7.62mm MG



8x AIM-9N Sidewinder

11x 20mm M39 x 2 Burst [80 rnds]

4x AGM-12B Bullpup A

4x UGM-84D Harpoon IC

2x ADC Mk2 Mod 0 Torpedo Decoy

80x 7.62mm MG Burst [20 rnds]





6x Yak-38M Forger A

1x W-3RM/WARM Anakonda

1x Tu-16K-10-26P Badger C Mod

1x SKR Krivak IV [Pr.1135.2 Burevestnik]



68x RGB-75 [Basic Search, Passive Omni]

96x FAB-250M-54 GPB

4x RGB-15 [Refined Search, Passive Omni]

6x RGB-55A [Track, Active/Passive]

4x PK-16 Chaff [TSP-60U]

8x PK-10 Chaff [SR-50]

1x AT-3 [UMGT-1 Orlan, NATO E40-79A]

2x RGB-25 [Track, Passive Directional]

1x SS-N-14 Silex [85RU, Dual-Role, UMGT-1 Torpedo + 185kg Unitary]

555x 73mm 2A28 Grom HE

46x AT-3 Sagger B [9M14M Malyutka]

1718x 7.62mm MG Burst [20 rnds]