Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Northern Fury #36 – Shoulder to Shoulder

AAR by RSMC, Feb 2017

I started with some notes to keep things straight for myself - Gunner, how you do it is beyond me.

The full file is 27 pages. I will upload just my comments, initial plans, and final results.

Apologies for the stream of thought format, this might not make much sense if you haven't played this scenario.

Commentary on initial set up:

1.) Convert flying CAP to max AMRAAM loadout – I want the pilot / airframe back more than I want to conserve missiles.

2.) P3 base change from Scatsta to Kef since Scatsta has no P3 ammo – fuel only

3.) Increase the size of Bodo CAP prosecution zone to cover the tankers and AEW birds

4.) Add XL aircraft runway access and heliport to helo bases with Halos, they are XL aircraft and can’t take off from the support platoons as is. Also add XL heliport to Evac Rear base to allow landing.

5.) Some Norwegian SOF as stay behind recon /assets would be great, possibly coast watchers or observers near air fields

Initial planning:

Shift all Norway based aircraft east to cover Oslo

Cover Western Norway with naval A2A /assets

Pull all GB based A2A /assets to central Norway for shifting as needed

Create Kef based tanker support north of TG20 to support sparrow armed F14s against recon and anti ship /assets

Create sparrow armed F14 prosecution zone out of range of Norway fighters, don’t want them tangling with Su-27 and Mig-31.

Create Mind based tanker support in central Norway.

Delete the Bergen and Lillehammer CAP & Intercept missions – control deliberately

Move the Norway AWACS closer to Flesland to be covered by the Patriot battery there

Move GB based jamming /assets to near Rygge, add Falcon and Kef EA6, reassign to Fornebu.

Put a bunch of jammers between TG20 and Norway, cover with F18s

Prep 24 F4 to Lista, 24 F4 to Torp, all loaded with high altitude ordinance

Use A2A Harriers to cover Virginia TG

Norwegian P3s added to Virginia ASW

One Nimrod armed with Stingrays to head north for deep diving subs that Mk 48 can’t touch

Eliminate CAP and intercept missions from CVs – manage manually

Carl Vinson TG allocate all TLAMS to the 4 southern Soviet AB, use exclusion zone to keep them out of known Bodo SAMs

Marines from Sundberg bring F18/sparrow, rearm with HARM & iron bombs.

Vinson and Nimitz send A2A & ECM to cover western bases, send HARM & Maverick armed birds to cover TLAM strike

F16, F4 HARMs to cover central TLAM strikes

Launch AMRAAM F15E to cover north of airbases, GBU F15E to cover targets of opportunity, leave the other 8 on the ground – would prefer to load with high altitude ordinance, but may need the AMRAAMs in the short term.

Save the sidewinder armed F16s at Gardermoen for later

Bring the U2 and E8 to near Oslo

Send Sola F16/Maverick to look for coastal shipping

Final result

Triumph 1626