Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Northern Fury – Something’s Fishy

Playtest Report by AndrewJ Mar 2017

I played this one last weekend, and I think it went reasonably conventionally for me.

THE FIGHT (briefly)

My scout boats spread out, got shot at by arty, and the survivors ran away as best they could. Hinds went in after the arty that was revealed, and after that spent much of their time hunting around in the dark revealing enemy units which were engaged by my own arty in turn. The wretched RBS-70s proved to be a thorn in the side of my Hinds, accounting for two of them, but fortunately they tend to fire at max range, which greatly reduces their hit chance.

The enemy fort fell quickly to my 2S7, and my short ranged arty beat up on the NATO shipping. The Pauk's rapid fire gun was handy for the final sinking (after the Pauk did a flank speed dash to get in once the straits were cleared). Unloading proceeded, infantry slowly spread out, and the BTRs zoomed around to take revenge on the RBS-70s and let my few reloading Hinds get back into the area. I split my two tank platoons (mistake!), sending one south to Lundamo and one east to Vaernes. Nothing came from the Lundamo direction, but Vaernes sure took a pounding, and I lost almost everything in the area (the greater part of an Inf Battalion and all the armour in the area - yikes!). It took the last of my 8" arty, all my mortars, cargo Hips making gun runs, and an infantry company stripped from the landing beaches security detachment to rescue the situation and restore control of the area.

In the end, however, all objectives were in my (fishy-smelling) hands.