Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Northern Fury

Northern Fury

The Northern Fury campaign forms the core of our entire story and focuses on all conflict on, under, over or adjacent to the North Atlantic Ocean. In total there are 58 scenarios in this campaign, so we’ve broken them smaller battlesets for ease of management. Some more detail is available at this link.

The North Atlantic Ocean stretches from the east coast of North and South America to the west coast Europe and Africa. The southern boundary is variously described by an imaginary line running between the easternmost point in Brazil to the westernmost point of Africa, and for our purposes it includes the Greenland and Barents Seas to the north.

The North Atlantic is key to NATO’s defence of Europe, the two NATO members in North America, Canada and more importantly the United States, must transit this area to bring their resources to bear on the conflict. In addition to military forces however, Europe depends on sea trade to survive, and all of this crosses the Atlantic. However, ss was demonstrated in both World Wars, the North Atlantic is a perfect hunting ground for submarines and surface raiders. The Soviets have the single largest fleet of submarines in the world, twice the number of the US fleet, and almost as many as all NATO submarines combined. NATO’s defence of the North Atlantic shipping lanes is based on closing or at least impeding Soviet submarines from transiting the GIUK Gap – the narrow seas between Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom. The Soviets however wish to foil NATO’s plans.

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The scenarios, and indeed the story breaks down into four phases as outlined below.

  1. NATO on the Defensive

  2. Counterattack on Iceland

  3. Grinding through Norway

  4. To the edge of Armageddon

Each of these areas is simulated in a Battleset of 12 to 15 scenarios which loosely conform to the general phase.