Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Mediterranean Fury

Mediterranean Fury

Mediterranean Fury is a medium sized battleset which is critical to the Northern Fury story and runs in parallel to the campaigns in central and northern Europe as well as other regions. February 1994 finds NATO in a relatively strong position in the Med; France, Italy and the UK have forces on higher-than-normal readiness augmenting the US with a routine deployment of an Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, USS Eisenhower (CVN-69) and an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) centered on the USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) and USS Iowa (BB-61). More background information is available here.

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Part of the Soviet effort to disperse NATO’s efforts and weaken its ability to react to any one situation was to invest heavily in training and surplus equipment for satellite and client countries. Of course, the main source of this equipment and the training teams that accompanied it was the former East Germany. The Soviets were quick to commandeer thousands of tanks and armoured vehicles as well as hundreds of aircraft and dozens of small ships, which they then re-invested. Two of the most important recipients of this aid were Syria and Libya, with Algeria receiving a lesser degree of assistance. As these nations re-equipped, the Soviets quietly shipped their cast-off hardware to Central America and Africa as part of a global plan. Although the Soviets made overtures to Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia, these nations resisted the temptation and remained neutral or western leaning..

There are ten scenarios in the series, the first is played from the Soviet side while the remainder are from a NATO perspective.

  1. Road to Bzantium, Initial Soviet strike seize the Bosporus.

  2. Syrian Surprise, Syria joins the fight and has an initial advantage

  3. Casbah Crunch, Libya launches belated but very effective strikes

  4. Secure the Flank, NATO gains the upper hand in the Eastern Med

  5. Serbia-right, The Balkans become a scene of confused and intense conflict

  6. Revisit the Stone Age, A bid to knock Syria out of the war

  7. Push Back, Operations to stabilize the fighting near the Turkish Straits

  8. Regime Change, Old scores are settled with Libya

  9. Bulgarian Strike, An attempt to destabilize the Warsaw Pact Alliance

  10. Convoy Ho! A continuation of the oil convoy from the Persian Gulf