Alternative Cold War History 1994

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IOF 6 Back into the Breach

Indian Ocean Fury #6: Into the Breach

22 Feb 1994, Zulu, Local

You’re commanding CTF 154 centered on the USS Saratoga CVBG and other forces in the Persian Gulf region. Your primary task is to transit the Straits of Hormuz in an effort to impress Saudi Arabia to commit to the conflict on our side. However, a critical secondary task is to ensure the safety of a major oil convoy heading to Europe, and of course tie down Soviet and Soviet aligned forces (primarily Iran) so they cannot interfere in other theatres. Finally, you must do all of this, while preventing the spread of the war and remaining disengaged from the parallel India/Pakistan conflict that is now raging.

A group of ships in the ocean Description automatically generated with low confidence

Indian Ocean Fury #6

The 5th Fleet has just undergone a restructuring, mostly because /assets and resources are flowing out of the theater at a quick pace. Your Task Force is, by far, the most powerful left in the region so political several imperatives are becoming paramount. Keeping the Gulf States fighting and coordinated is becoming difficult and Washington want’s Saudi Arabia to join the fight on our side. The scenario provides you with many diverse tasks to accomplish, several of which conflict with each other.

The critical task however is to impress Saudi Arabia enough to bring them on-side, so far they have been delicately balancing their options. To do this, you need to sail your Carrier into dangerous waters.