Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Indian Ocean Fury

Indian Ocean Fury

Indian Ocean Fury is a medium sized battleset which holds three ‘Hotspots’ that we’ve come to know quite well over the past few decades, The Persian Gulf, Somalia and the Somali coast and Yemen. Another flashpoint, arguably the most important, is India and Pakistan, but little attention is thrown that way, at least in North America. Although there’s been a fascination with the area since the Iranian revolution in 1979, it’s been since the Gulf War - coinciding with the end of the Cold War - where the region has been constantly in focus throughout the west. Interestingly, if a real war, a big war, were to occur - the Indian Ocean region would quickly become a backwater as vital forces are pulled into the major fighting in the north Atlantic and north Pacific areas. More background information is available here.

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The region, in addition to being massive, covering 20% of the world’s ocean surface is fertile ground for developing interesting situations where resources of all types are at a premium. The Soviet Union, well aware of the west’s fascination with the Persian Gulf, its oil and its dictators, will undoubtedly attempt to keep the focus here, and therefore tie down forces that might make the difference elsewhere. The west, primarily the US, with the UK and France playing a large role, will be trying to establish a balance; minimizing forces committed in the region, while ensuring that they maintain freedom of navigation and a reliable flow of commerce - particularly oil.

Western forces are not technically under NATO command in this area as in 1994 NATO had no role in the area, so the US 5th Fleet and associated air and army force operate in a continuation of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ established in the Gulf War. The Soviets have very limited forces in the area, mostly under the control the High Command of the Southern Direction (Southern TVD). Most Soviet action is through its influence of proxy states and the sprinkling of relatively small air and naval forces.

There are ten scenarios in the series, all played by various elements of the western or NATO affiliated side. Most occur in the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden or Red Sea, but one is focused further south.

  1. Persian Pounce, Initial strike in the Persian Gulf region.

  2. Mozambique Madness, Skirmishing along the coast of Africa

  3. Socotra Scramble, Neutralizing the Soviet base on Socotra

  4. Gate of Tears, Fighting through the Bab al-Mandab Strait

  5. Hormuz Hoedown, Strikes to re-open the Straits of Hormuz

  6. Into the Breach, The USN moves to reclaim the Persian Gulf

  7. Deep Strike, Strategic targets deep in Iran are struck

  8. Red Sea Rumble, Operations to secure safe passage through the Red Sea

  9. Spectator Sport, Operations continue as an Indo/Pac war erupts

  10. TBC, TBC