Alternative Cold War History 1994

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Caribbean Fury

Caribbean Fury

Caribbean Fury is a small Battleset comprising five CMO scenarios. Focusing largely on the struggle between the United States and Soviet supported states such as Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela as well as proxy groups such as Guatemalan rebels in Belize and Panamanian freedom fighters. Although some NATO and Caribbean countries play a supporting role, their forces are small and their political and geographic baggage cause significant problems. Many details are located at this link.

From a Soviet standpoint, the Caribbean is a side-show. The main purpose is to distract the United States and tie down resources. Of course, the ideological rhetoric will be loud and the drive for ‘peoples parties’ will be high, Moscow is willing to sacrifice their distant allies and hand-me-down hardware to achieve its European goals.

The United States however cannot be so callus in its own back yard. Cuba has been a thorn in America’s side for the past thirty-five years, and of course the festering cocaine and cartel induced friction with Honduras and Nicaragua has been problematic on many levels. The US government cannot afford a loss in this region, and the US military cannot afford to commit too many ships, aircraft or soldiers here and still hope to stave off the Soviet attacks elsewhere.

The situation is ripe for a desperate struggle with limited /assets.

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Of the five scenarios, all are played from the US/NATO side.

  1. Hot Tamale, US and some NATO forces fight off surprise attacks in three areas.

  2. Retribution, A major Special Forces raid into Cuba.

  3. Rumble in the Jungle, Fighting in Belize as the US tries to knock countries out of the war.

  4. Show of Force, A stealth attack on a secret Soviet base in Venezuela.

  5. Caribbean Cruise, Venezuela choses an awkward moment to join the fight.