Alternative Cold War History 1994

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MF 6 Revisit the Stone Age

Mediterranean Fury 6: Hammer to Fall

19 Feb 1994, Zulu, Local

Moving into the second week of the war and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is much more stable, but still dangerous. Syria remains a threat which must be dealt with and that is your primary focus.

You command the USS Nimitz CVBG, newly arrived in the Med from the 5th Fleet Area of Operations (AO) in the Indian Ocean. Now tasked to 6th Fleet, the replenished Nimitz group as well as supporting naval forces and significant air forces will commence attacks to compel Syria to either sue for as separate peace or be reduced in their ability to conduct offensive operations.

All Syria can do is wait for the Hammer to Fall!

Mediterranean Fury #6

Scenario is currently being tested.